Who We Are

LifeBrand is a dynamic “social experience” agency with a strong history and successful track record of effectively reaching, engaging and motivating today’s most coveted audience: “upwardly mobile influential and affluent multicultural consumers.”

We unite clients’ brands with their desired target audience through experiential, social, mobile and digital platforms. Our process includes full immersion in a client’s mission, business objectives, sales goals, and culture; resulting in fully customized brand experiences.

Empowering action and engagement are critical elements in crafting social strategies designed to effectively reach America’s next generation of power buyers. LifeBrand clearly understands that an integrated brand experience agency’s core competency has to center around “what’s now and what’s next,” being innovative and nimble, purveyors of luxury and mainstream brands, creators of new ideas that spark interest, empower action and influence across the multicultural consumer landscape. It’s our structured disruptive nature and limitless imagination that dare to revitalize and inspire multicultural communities.

Multicultural consumers recognize the strength of their voice and dollar and have thus raised their expectations regarding how brands need to interact with them. LifeBrand’s road tested experience makes it uniquely suited to help position brands for long term success when trying to reach, engage and ultimately motivate this audience to consider their clients’ products and services.